Prodotti per la lettera Y

Yamaha microfono gooseneck wireless 30 cm RM-WGS Yamaha microfono omnidirezionale RM-WOM Yamaha RM-W microfono direzionale wireless RM-WDR
Yamaha RM-W RM-WAP8 microfoni wireless access point Yealink A20 MeetingBarTeams Android Speaker Tracking Yealink A20 Zoom Room system for small rooms A20-020
Yealink A20-010 MeetingBar Teams Zoom Yealink A20-020 MeetingBar MsTeams con tablet CTP18 Yealink A20-021 MeetingBar Teams con CTP18 + VCH51
Yealink A30 MeetingBar 4K con Spekaer Tracking e touch panel Yealink A30 Native Teams Collaboration Bar con telecomando Yealink A30 Zoom Rooms appliance con touch panel
Yealink A30-021-TEAMS con VCH51 e CTP18 Yealink A30-025 MeetingBar 4K CTP18 e WPP30 Yealink alimentatore per SIP-T46G T48G T38G T29G T58 5V2A
Yealink alimentatore per T20 T22 T26 T27 T28 t41 t42 e Fanvil X5 5V1,2A Yealink alimentatore per T41P e T42G 5V 1,2A Yealink alimentatore SIP-T19,T21,T23,T40 T31 T33 5V 600mA
Yealink AMS CP960-UVC30-ZR Extended Warranty -1 Year Yealink AVHub HUB per videocamere e microfoni Yealink BH71 auricolare bluetooth
Yealink BH71 Pro auricolare con dongle BT51 Yealink BH71 Workstation Yealink BH71 Workstation Pro
Yealink BH72 Lite Teams Black USB-A Yealink BH72 Lite Teams Light grey USB-A Yealink BH72 Lite Teams USB-C Black
Yealink BH72 Lite USB-C Teams Light Grey Yealink BH72 Teams Black USB-A bluetooth Yealink BH72 Teams Black USB-C
Yealink BH72 Teams con base di ricarica Black USB-A Yealink BH72 Teams USB-C con stand ricarica grigio chiaro Yealink BH72 UC Black USB-A cuffia bluetooth
Yealink BH72 UC Black USB-C cuffia stereo Yealink BH72 with Charging Stand Teams Light Gray USB-A Yealink BH72 with charging stand UC Black USB-A
Yealink BH76 Teams USB-A Light Grey Yealink BH76 Teams USB-A with charging stand black Yealink BH76 UC Black USB-A con base
Yealink BLT60 busylight LED indicatore di stato Yealink BOX VCB20 per collegare 2 telecamere Yealink BT40 dongle USB bluetooth T46G T48G T29G
Yealink BT41 bluetooth USB Yealink BT50 Dongle USB Bluetooth per CP700 CP900 Yealink BT51-A dongle bluetooth USB-A
Yealink BT51-C dongle bluetooth USB-C Yealink BYOD-BOX Yealink CAM50 telecamera USB per T58A - T58V
Yealink Camera Hub per più telecamere e audio Yealink carrello per Meetingboard 65 Yealink carrello per Meetingboard 86
Yealink cavo spiralato per SIP-T18-T19-T20-T21-T22-T32 Yealink cavo spiralato per T26-T28-T29-T38-T41-T42 T46 T48 Yealink cloud Business mensile 1 Host (min 10 hosts)
Yealink cloud Enterprise mensile 1 Host (min 50 hosts) Yealink cloud gateway SIP H.323 annuale Yealink cloud meeting videoconferenza OnLine standard 12 mesi
Yealink cloud meeting videoconferenza OnLine standard-mese Yealink Cloud Teams Connector 12 mesi Yealink Cloud Webinar 1000 partecipanti - mensile
Yealink Cloud Webinar 500 partecipanti - mensile Yealink cornetta per telefoni SIP-T27P SIP-T29G Yealink CP700 con dongle USB bluetooth speakerphone
Yealink CP700 microfono viva voce bluetooth usb Yealink CP860 VoIP conference phone Yealink CP900 bluetooth speakerphone
Yealink CP900 Teams bluetooth USB Yealink CP920 Yealink CP920 estensione garanzia 1 anno
Yealink CP925 speakerphone Yealink CP930W speakerphone wireless DECT Yealink CP930W viva voce IP wireless con base
Yealink CP935W BASE DECT + WiFi Yealink CP935W WiFi - DECT Yealink CP960 con 2 microfoni wireless inclusi
Yealink CP960 Teams Yealink CP960 Viva voce VoIP touch screen Yealink CP960 Wireless Teams
Yealink CP965 Yealink CP965 Wireless Mic Yealink CPE80 microfono aggiuntivi per CP860
Yealink CPE90 microfoni con filo per CP960 Yealink CPN10 adattatore analogico per CP860 e CP920 Yealink CPW25 microfoni bluetooth per CP965 CP925 CP935
Yealink CPW65 microfoni wireless per CP965 Yealink CPW90 BT Package microfoni bluetooth Yealink CPW90 Package
Yealink CTP18 Yealink CTP18-TEAMS A20-A30-VC210 Yealink CTP20 cllaboration Touch Panel
Yealink custodia protettiva per W53H Yealink DD10K DECT Dongle per telefoni Yealink Yealink Deskvision A24 Teams collaboration display
Yealink DM100 DECT Manager Yealink EHS35 per cuffie wireless Yealink WH su telefoni T3x Yealink EHS36 sgancio per cuffie wireless
Yealink EHS40 sganciatore per cuffie wireless Yealink EHS60 Cisco Fanvil Avaya Polycom Grandstream Digium wh62-63 Yealink EXP-40 tastiera aggiuntiva per T46 t48
Yealink EXP20 Tastiera Aggiuntiva per telefoni T27P T29G Yealink EXP38 Tasti dss aggiuntivi Yealink EXP39 Tasti dss aggiuntivi
Yealink EXP43 Expansion module 60 tasti per T 4xU Yealink EXP50 modulo 60 tasti per T5 Yealink Licenza 8 way mcu per vc120
Yealink licenza client desktop 1 utente windows Yealink licenza VC Mobile per Tablet Smartphone Yealink licenza windows desktop VCS 1:24 25:49 utenti
Yealink MB Camera 6x per meetingboard Yealink MCore Kit MS - MiniPC + Mtouch II Yealink MCore OPS per meetingboard
Yealink Meeting Server YMS cloud based service Yealink Meetingbar A10 Yealink Meetingbar A10-015 con WPP30
Yealink Meetingbar A10-020 con CTP18 Yealink Meetingbar A10-25 con tablet e WPP30 Yealink Meetingbar A20-020 con CTP18 Teams Zoom
Yealink Meetingbar A20-025 con CTP18 WPP30 Teams Zoom Yealink Meetingbar A30-020 CTP18 Teams Zoom Yealink Meetingboard 65 Collaboration Display Teams MB65-A001
Yealink MeetingBoard 86" videoconferenza lavagna interattiva Yealink Meetingeye 400 videoconferenza soundbar Yealink Meetingeye 600 Videoconferenza all in one
Yealink Meetingeye 600 WP 4K all in one for medium rooms M600 Yealink microfoni wireless CPW90 per CP960 Yealink MP50 Telefono USB Microsoft Teams
Yealink MP54 Telefono Microsoft Teams And. Yealink MP56 telefono IP Android touch screen ms Teams Yealink MP58 Microsoft Teams
Yealink MP58 WH Ms Teams con cornetta bluetooth Yealink Mshare content sharing adapter Yealink MSpeaker soundbar 10W
Yealink MSpeech Speakerphone Yealink MTouch II monitor touchscreen per videoconferenza Yealink MVC BYOD Extender MS Teams
Yealink MVC S60 videoconferenza Teams 360° Yealink MVC21 sistema di videoconferenza con auto tracking Yealink MVC300 Microsoft Teams Rooms con CP900 e MTouch
Yealink MVC300 Videoconferenza Ms Teams Yealink MVC320 Microsoft Teams sistema di videoconferenza Yealink MVC400 Kit Videoconferenza Microsoft Teams
Yealink MVC500 II Teams Rooms videoconferenza con MiniPC Yealink MVC640 videoconferenza Teams per sala riunioni Yealink MVC640-C3-D11 videoconferenza per sala riunioni
Yealink MVC660 videoconferenza Teams speaker tracking Yealink MVC840 videoconferenza MS Teams per grande sala riunioni Yealink MVC860 videoconferenza Teams con speaker tracking
Yealink MVC940 sistema videoconferenza Ms Teams per grande sala riunioni Yealink MVC960-C2-006 kit videoconferenza con 2 telecamere per grande sala riunioni Yealink PoE injector YLPOE32 iniettore Power over ethernet
Yealink RCH40 4 porte gigabit PoE 90W Yealink repeater RT10 per telefono cordless Yealink Repeater RT20U per W52P W56P W60P/B
Yealink Repeater RT30 for DECT Phone W52P, W56P, W53P e W60P/B Yealink Room Panel sistema per prenotare sale riunioni Yealink Room Panel Zoom gestione sale riunioni
Yealink RoomCast condivisione schermo su tv monitor Yealink RoomCast1 wireless presentation & collaboration Yealink RoomSensor sensore presenza
Yealink RT20 repeater DECT per W52P W56P Yealink Single CPW90-BT microfono wireless Yealink SIP W52P cordless VoIP PoE
Yealink SIP-T19PN E2 SIP PoE (T21P in sost.) Yealink SIP-T21PN VoIP SIP PoE senza alimentatore E2 Yealink SIP-T23G
Yealink SIP-T23P 3 linee SIP Yealink SIP-T26PN telefono VoIP POE Yealink SIP-T27G telefono IP con 2 porte LAN Gigabit PoE
Yealink SIP-T27P 6 linee VoIP SIP Yealink SIP-T28PN POE 10 tasti BLF senza alimentatore Yealink SIP-T29G estensione garanzia 12 mesi
Yealink SIP-T29G telefono VoIP Gigabit Yealink SIP-T30 1 SIP account Yealink SIP-T30P 1 SIP account PoE
Yealink SIP-T31 Yealink SIP-T31G Yealink SIP-T31P Telefono IP PoE 10/100
Yealink SIP-T32G telefono IP POE 2 LAN Gigabit Yealink SIP-T33G Yealink SIP-T33P - 2 porte 10/100 PoE
Yealink SIP-T40G Yealink SIP-T40P SIP Phone 3 linee Yealink SIP-T41P Ultra Elegant Telefono VoIP
yealink sip-t41S Yealink SIP-T42G Ultra Elegant Telefono VoIP T42 Yealink SIP-T42S Telefono IP Gigabit LAN
Yealink SIP-T42U Yealink SIP-T43U Yealink SIP-T46G Ultra Elegant Telefono VoIP
Yealink SIP-T46S Telefono VoIP T46S Yealink SIP-T46U telefono IP 16 accounts Yealink SIP-T48G Telefono VoIP con porte Gigabit
Yealink SIP-T48S Gigabit LAN HD audio OPUS Yealink SIP-T48U Display touch screen 7" Yealink SIP-T49G Videotelefono IP (SIP-VP-T49G)
Yealink SIP-T52S Yealink SIP-T53 Telefono IP Yealink SIP-T53W
Yealink SIP-T54S Yealink SIP-T54W Yealink SIP-T55A Teams Skype for business Office 365
Yealink SIP-T56A Android wifi bluetooth Yealink SIP-T56A Teams wifi bluetooth Yealink SIP-T57W
Yealink SIP-T58A Android con supporto videocamera Yealink SIP-T58A con telecamera Yealink SIP-T58V Videotelefono IP SIP Android
Yealink SIP-T58W Yealink SIP-T58W PRO Yealink SIP-T58W PRO with camera
Yealink SIP-T58W with camera Yealink Smartvision 60 Yealink staffa da parete per UVC30
Yealink supporto da parete per t27 t29 Yealink supporto da parete per telefoni serie T5 Yealink Supporto da parete per telefoni T40 T42G T41P
Yealink Supporto da parete T31P T31G T31 T30 T30P Yealink Supporto da parete T33P T33G MP52 Yealink Supporto da parete T40 T41 T42 T43
Yealink Supporto da parete T48U t48S T48G Yealink supporto fissaggio a parete T46g T46S Yealink T12P telefono IP economico
Yealink T40P Skype for Business Yealink T41P Skype for Business Yealink T42G Skype for Business
Yealink t46g + t42g bundle 2 telefoni ip Yealink T46G Skype for Business Yealink T46S estensione garanzia 12 mesi
Yealink T48G Skype for Business Yealink T58V estensione garanzia 1 anno Yealink Teams Video Collaboration Bar VC210 + CP900
Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Cuffia USB stereo Yealink UH34 Lite Dual Teams Cuffia USB Yealink UH34 Lite mono Teams Copriauricolare in spugna
Yealink UH34 mono Teams Cuffia USB Yealink UH34 SE Dual Teams USB - Jack Yealink UH36 Dual cuffia stereo USB + Jack 3,5 mm teams
Yealink UH36 mono USB + Jack mobile 3,5 mm Teams Yealink UH38 DUAL Teams USB-A bluetooth Yealink UH38 DUAL Teams USB-C bluetooth
Yealink UH38 DUAL UC USB-A + bluetooth Yealink UH38 DUAL UC USB-C + bluetooth Yealink UH38 Mono Teams USB-A e bluetooth
Yealink UH38 Mono Teams USB-C e bluetooth Yealink UH38 Mono UC USB-A Bluetooth Yealink UH38 Mono UC USB-C bluetooth
Yealink USB extender via cavo UTP 40m Yealink UVC20 Webcam USB Full HD Yealink UVC30 con CP900 BYOD kit videoconferenza
Yealink UVC30 Desktop Edition Webcam 4K con microfono Yealink UVC30 Room edition webcam 4K FOV 120° Yealink UVC34 webcam con microfono e speaker
Yealink UVC40 BYOD Videobar con voice tracking - hub USB Yealink UVC40 Videocamera soundbar speaker tracking Yealink UVC80 telecamera
Yealink UVC84 BYOD Videocamera soundbar e microfoni Yealink UVC84 videocamera USB zoom 12x PTZ Yealink UVC84-BYOD-050 kit videoconferenza teams zoom
Yealink UVC86 BYOD kit per videoconferenza Yealink UVC86 videocamera AI speaker tracking Yealink vc 500 codec only
Yealink vc110 micpod manutenzione 1 anno Yealink VC110 Sistema videoconferenza full HD con Mic Pod not for resale Yealink VC110 videoconferenza full HD con VCP40
Yealink VC120 Assurance Maintenance Services 3 Years Yealink VC120 Full-HD Video Conferencing System Yealink VC200 Assurance Maintenance Services -2 Year
Yealink VC200 Assurance Maintenance Services -3 Year Yealink VC200 H.323 con WPP20 incluso - Not For Resale Yealink VC200 videoconferenza IP SIP H.323 NAT H.460
Yealink VC200 videoconferenza IP SIP H.323 WiFi Yealink VC210 Teams Edition videoconferenza Yealink VC400 Videoconferenza HD IP 18X
Yealink VC500 VCM34 CTP20 WPP20 kit videoconferenza Yealink VC500 video conferenza full HD 2 monitor con microfoni aggiuntivi Yealink VC500 videoconferenza IP full HD
Yealink VC500 Wireless Micpod WP Assurance Maintenance Services -1 Year Yealink VC800 Exclude Mic Assurance Maintenance Services -1 Year Yealink VC800 kit Videoconferenza con touch panel
Yealink VC800 Videoconferenza IP fino a 25 vie microfoni wireless Yealink VCA70 prolunga per telecamera Yealink vcc22 telecamera aggiuntiva
Yealink vch50 cable hub (VC200 VC500 VC800) Yealink VCH51 HUB per videoconferenza sharing box Yealink VCM34 microfono per videoconferenza ampliabile
Yealink VCM36 microfono wireless Yealink VCM38 microfono da soffitto per videoconferenza Yealink vcr11 remote control
Yealink VCR20-MS telecomando A20 A30 VC210 Yealink VCS-TV Mount2 staffa Yealink VDK110 videoconferenza full HD con VCP40 not for resale
Yealink Video Conferencing Endpoint VC500-Mic-WP Yealink videocamera 4K PTZ zoom ottico 12x meetingboard Yealink VP59 Teams Videotelefono
Yealink W41P Telefono IP DECT da scrivania Yealink W52H terminale supplementare per SIP w52P Yealink W53H portatile per W53P
Yealink W53P DECT IP singola cella 8 canali Yealink W56H portatile aggiuntivo per W56P Yealink W56P telefono cordless VoIP SIP-W56P
Yealink W57R Yealink W59R terminale DECT con man down bluetooth IP67 Yealink W60B cella DECT IP senza terminale
Yealink W60P Sistema DECT IP 8 canali Yealink W70B stazione base DECT IP Yealink W73H portatile aggiuntivo
Yealink W73P Yealink W76H Yealink W76P cordless IP 10 derivati
Yealink W77P cordless IP PoE resistente (IP54) Yealink W78H Yealink W78P cordless IP DECT PoE bluetooth
Yealink W79P Cordless bluetooth rugged IP67 con man down Yealink W80B antenna dect IP 8 canali espandibile Yealink W80DM Dect Manager per antenne IP W80B
Yealink W90 IP Dect lunga portata Yealink W90DM DECT Manager Yealink wall-mount support per telefono t46
Yealink wall-mount, supporto da muro per T27 e T29G Yealink WDD60 DECT dongle Yealink WF40 WiFi USB dongle
Yealink WF50 USB Wi-Fi Dongle per T41S T42S T46S T48S Yealink WH62 Dual Ms Teams cuffia cordless 2 USB Yealink WH62 DUAL Portable Teams
Yealink WH62 Dual UC cuffia cordless con 2 connessioni USB Yealink WH62 Mono Teams cuffia cordless 2 USB Yealink WH62 Mono UC
Yealink WH63 Portable Teams Yealink WH63 Teams cuffia cordless multi connessione convertibile Yealink WH63 UC cuffia wireless con gancio e archetto 2 USB
Yealink WH66 Dual Teams cuffia dect Yealink WH66 Dual UC cuffia senza filo 2 USB + bluetooth Yealink WH66 Mono Teams
Yealink WH66 Mono UC 2 USB + bluetooth Yealink WH67 cuffia convertibile multiuso touchscreen Yealink WH67 UC cuffia wireless multiuso USB bluetooth
Yealink WHC60 base di ricarica smartphone per cuffie WH Yealink WHD622 UC cuffia DECT Yealink WHD622T cuffia cordless DECT MS Teams
Yealink WHM621 Teams cuffia cordless dect Yealink WHM631 cuffia DECT convertibile MS Teams Yealink WHS20
Yealink WPP 30 sharing & BYOD Pod Yealink WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod Yealink YHS34 Dual
Yealink YHS34 Lite Dual Yealink YHS34 mono Yealink YHS36 mono
Yealink YHS36 USB Yealink ZVC400-C2-000 Zoom Rooms kit per Zoom Yealink ZVC640 kit audio video per Zoom
Yealink ZVC840 sistema videoconferenza Zoom con 3 microfoni Yeastar Cavo RJ21 24 coppie da 3 metri con plug RJ11 Yeastar Cavo RJ21 24 coppie da 5 metri con plug RJ11
Yeastar cloud centralino virtuale 1 interno Yeastar Cloud centralino virtuale Hosted 5 interni Yeastar cloud rinnovo annuale 1 interno
Yeastar cloud rinnovo trimestrale 1 interno Yeastar D30 modulo DSP per serie S e P Yeastar display prenotazione sala riunioni Workplace DS7510
Yeastar EX08 per 4 moduli per S100 S300 P560 P570 Yeastar EX30 modulo espansione PRI ISDN (E1/T1) Yeastar K2 large capacity IPPBX
Yeastar K2 Lite 1000 utenti 200 contemporaneità Yeastar licenza Billing App S100 Yeastar licenza Billing App S20
Yeastar licenza Billing App S300 Yeastar licenza Billing App S412 Yeastar licenza Billing App S50
Yeastar licenza CHAR integrazione PMS Hotel S50 Yeastar licenza code call center S20 Yeastar licenza hotel Mypbx U100
Yeastar licenza hotel Mypbx U200 Yeastar licenza hotel Mypbx U300 Yeastar licenza hotel Mypbx U500
Yeastar licenza MyBill dettaglio traffico MYPBX U100 Yeastar licenza MyBill dettaglio traffico MYPBX U200 Yeastar licenza MyBill dettaglio traffico MYPBX U300
Yeastar licenza MyBill dettaglio traffico MYPBX U500 Yeastar licenza Mypbx Client CTI Yeastar licenza registrazione programmata Mypbx U100
Yeastar licenza registrazione programmata Mypbx U200 Yeastar licenza registrazione programmata Mypbx U300 Yeastar licenza statistiche code call center S50 QueueMetrics
Yeastar licenza statistiche code di chiamata S100 Yeastar licenza statistiche code di chiamata S300 Yeastar Linkus Cloud services S50
Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro S100 (LCS Pro) Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro S300 LCS PRO Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro S50 (LCS Pro)
Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro S50i LCS Pro Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service S100 Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service S20
Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service S300 Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service S412 Yeastar Linkus Desktop Client
Yeastar Linkus Pro S20 LCS Pro Yeastar Linkus Pro S412 LCS Pro Yeastar Linkus Softphone per smartphone
Yeastar Milesight LoRaWan Gateway Milesight UG65 Yeastar Milesight UF51 5G CPE router MIMO 4x4 IP67 Yeastar modulo 4G LTE VoLTE
Yeastar Mypbx Soho centralino VoIP Yeastar Mypbx Standard Centralino VoIP 100 derivati Yeastar Mypbx U100 centralino VoIP scalabile
Yeastar Mypbx U200 centralino VoIP fino a 200 interni IP Yeastar Mypbx U300 IPPBX con 1 PRI ISDN 2 fxs Yeastar Mypbx U500 IP-PBX Asterisk 500 derivati
Yeastar Mypbx U510 Centralino VoIP 500 interni con PRI ISDN Yeastar Mypbx U520 Centralino VoIP 500 interni 2 x PRI ISDN Yeastar MySMS Software per invio SMS con Neogate
Yeastar N1 Telephone System Server Yeastar N412 IPPBX VoIP ibrido Yeastar N824 IP-PBX VoIP ibrido
Yeastar Neogate TA1600 Gateway VoIP 16 Porte fxs Yeastar Neogate TA2400 VoIP Gateway 24 porte fxs Yeastar Neogate TA3200 Gateway VoIP 32 fxs
Yeastar Neogate TA400 4 fxs gateway VoIP Yeastar Neogate TA410 ATA 4 fxo gateway VoIP Yeastar Neogate TA800 Gateway VoIP 8 Porte fxs
Yeastar Neogate TA810 8 Porte fxo compatibile Ms Lync Yeastar Neogate TB200 gateway VoIP 2 ISDN Yeastar Neogate TE100 VoIP gateway 1 PRI ISDN
Yeastar Neogate TE200 VoIP gateway 2 PRI ISDN Yeastar Neogate TE400 gateway VoIP 4 PRI ISDN Yeastar Neogate TG1600 GSM VoIP gateway 16 SIM
Yeastar Neogate TG1600U gateway 16 UMTS WCDMA Yeastar Neogate TG200 gateway VoIP GSM 2 SIM Yeastar Neogate TG200U gateway 2 UMTS WCDMA GSM
Yeastar Neogate TG3200 gateway GSM VoIP SIP 32 SIM Yeastar Neogate TG400 VoIP GSM 4 SIM Yeastar Neogate TG400U gateway 4 UMTS WCDMA
Yeastar Neogate TG800 GSM VoIP gateway 8 SIM Yeastar Neogate TG800U gateway 8 UMTS WCDMA Yeastar P-Serie Software Edition Enterprise Plan espansione 100 interni
Yeastar P-Serie Software Edition Enterprise Plan espansione 1000 interni Yeastar P-Serie Software Edition Ultimate Plan espansione 100 interni Yeastar P-Series Software Edition Enterprise Plan espansione 50 interni
Yeastar P-Series Software Edition UP espansione 50 interni Yeastar P550 50 interni P-series centralino voip Yeastar P550 occasione pari al nuovo garanzia 3 anni
Yeastar P560 pari al nuovo garanzia 3 anni Yeastar P560 PBX System per ufficio hotel Yeastar P570 centralino IP ibrido 500 interni
Yeastar P570 pari al nuovo 3 anni di garanzia Yeastar PoE injector 15W Yeastar Remote Management
Yeastar Remote Management 1 licenza aggiuntiva Yeastar S100 IP-PBX non acquistabile senza licenza hotel - vedi Kit Yeastar S100 pari al nuovo garanzia 3 anni
Yeastar S100H centralino hotel Yeastar S20 IP-PBX centralino IP 20 derivati (V2) Yeastar S20 Pari al nuovo
Yeastar S20 V4 Yeastar S300 centralino voip fino a 500 derivati Yeastar S300 pari al nuovo
Yeastar S300H centralino per albergo fino a 500 interni Yeastar S412 IP-PBX ibrido Yeastar S412 LITE con 4 interni fxs (analogici)
Yeastar S50 ex demo pari al nuovo garanzia 3 anni Yeastar S50 HOTEL Yeastar S50 IPPBX 50 derivati
Yeastar S50i Yeastar S50i ex demo pari al nuovo Yeastar scheda 1 fxo e 1 fxs modulo SO
Yeastar scheda 2 BRI ISDN Modulo B2 Yeastar scheda 2 fxo modulo O2 - 2 linee analogiche Yeastar scheda 2 interni fxs Modulo S2
Yeastar scheda per 1 SIM GSM - S - P Yeastar Scheda per 1 USIM UMTS Yeastar Serie P Cloud Edition
Yeastar Serie P Software Edition EP 25 interni Yeastar Serie P Software Edition EP 50 interni Yeastar Serie P Software Edition Ultimate Plan 25 interni
Yeastar Serie P Software Edition UP 50 interni Yeastar serie P Software Ultimate Plan exp 1000 derivati Yeastar Smart pbx per albergo Mypbx U100H
Yeastar TA100 ATA 1 porta Fxs Yeastar TA1610 VoIP Gateway 16 porte fxo Yeastar TA200 2 fxs ATA
Yeastar TB400 gateway VoIP ISDN 4 BRI Yeastar TG100 gateway VoIP 1 GSM Yeastar TG200L LTE 2 SIM voce
Yeastar TG400L LTE 4 SIM voce Yeastar TG800 LTE supporta 8 SIM Voce LTE 4G Yeastar Workplace Basic Plan 3 sale espandibile
Yeastar Workplace Desk Pro prenotazione scrivania 1 anno Yeastar Workplace Desk Standard prenotazione scrivania 1 anno Yeastar Workplace DS7310 display prenotazione sale riunioni
Yeastar Workplace People Counting Sensor Milesight VS121 Yeastar Workplace Room Basic canone annuale per 1 stanza Yeastar Workplace Room Display (fuori porta)
Yeastar Workplace Room Pro canone annuale per 1 stanza Yeastar Workplace Room Standard canone annuale per 1 stanza YHS32 cuffia Yealink monoauricolare